Centrifuge Tube

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Centrifuge Tube(图1)

Centrifuge Tube(图2)

Centrifuge Tube(图3)

【Product Name】: Conventional centrifuge tube/Micro centrifuge tube

【Model/Specification 】: 15ml、50ml/0.5ml、1.5ml、2.0ml

【Product Description】:

       Conventional centrifuge tube: the black scale line is clear, with white writing area; can withstand 1200xg centrifugal force; electron beam sterilization; no DNase, no RNase, no heat source; temperature range -80℃—120℃; can be operated with one hand, Easy-spin tube cap, good sealing; products can be provided in bags or stent packaging;

       Micro centrifuge tube: the material is PP material conforming to USP-6, does not contain any heavy metal ions; the endotoxin content is less than 0.1EU; it can withstand the temperature range of -80℃-120℃; RCF: 30000xg; the tube cover is easy to puncture design, open The lid feels comfortable; no DNA enzyme, no RNase, and no heat source.

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