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Shoukang medical technology (Shandong) Co., Ltd

About Us

Shoukang Medical Science and Technology (Shandong) Co., Ltd. is a modern management enterprise integrating research, production and service. The company has established joint research projects with 32 overseas Nobel laureates in succession, and established standardized scientific research industrial parks in Shandong and Jiangsu.To win the respect and trust of customers with high-quality service.

"Shoukang Medical" insists on personnel training as the core, customer service as the center, product quality as the foundation, and technological innovation as the power; Take on the mission of "sharing achievements with employees, creating brilliance with customers, making progress with the industry, sharing responsibility with society",Ultimately realizes the corporate vision of "making every employee become an idol in the mind of others".Cherishing dreams, persisting in dreams, studying assiduously, uniting and forging ahead.In the age of prosperity, it composes gorgeous music, and releases the spirit of competition and adventure.

"Shoukang Medical" has been centering on "healthy life" as its development theme, and currently carries out "Internet + sleep platform", "domestic and overseas medical operation and investment", "Germany Center for Life platform construction" and other businesses; To fight against this epidemic , we actively transforms and innovates, provides material guarantees and services for customers and the government, and has won unanimous praise from them; We has established offices in more than 20 cities in China, and set up liaison offices in Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, the UK, the USA, Japan , Malaysia, Brazil and other countries to serve more customers .

Facing the future, we listen to every customer’s needs, value the promise to customers, and ensure the satisfaction of every customer. "Shoukang" has always been better products and more perfect forms of cooperation.Under the leading of innovative development concept, with high morale, full enthusiasm, and active dedication, to perfective serve! To turn our dreams into reality.