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Filter Tip(图1)

Filter Tip(图2)

Filter Tip(图3)

【Product Name】: Filter Tip

【Model/Specification 】: 10μl、50μl、100μl、200μl、1000μl 、1250μl

【Product Description】: 

       The filter tip can be used to pipette viscous samples to ensure maximum sample recovery and minimum residue. It is an ideal choice for viscous liquid and dense samples, which greatly guarantees the accuracy of the test.

   1. Reduce the loss of precious samples caused by the need to pre-wet the tip during the test

   2. Be used for important procedures that require high precision for micropipetting

   3. It can be applied to the pipetting of samples containing molecules that are easily adsorbed on the surface of the tip, such as DNA, protein, peptides, etc.

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