Disposable Syringe (With Needle)

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Disposable Syringe(图1)

Disposable Syringe(图2)

Disposable Syringe(图3)

【Product Name】: Disposable syringe (With needle)

【Model/Specification 】: Luer slip: 1ml/3ml/5ml   Luer lock : 3ml/5ml

【Executive standard】: GB2626-2019

【Product Description】: Composed of barrel, plunger , needle and rubber gasket.

【Product Usage】: Hand-operated syringes for pumping liquids or for injection immediately after liquid injection; not suitable for insulin syringes, glass syringes, long-term syringes with needles, syringes with powered injection pumps, manufactured by Syringes pre-filled with liquid medicines and syringes matched with liquid medicines in the factory.

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