Pulse Oximeters

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Pulse Oximeters(图1)

Pulse Oximeters(图2)

Pulse Oximeters(图3)

【Product Name】: Finger Pulse oximeter

【Certification】: CE, FDA

【Product Description】:

   A, the product is easy to use.

   B, the product is small in size, light in weight, and easy to carry.

   C, the product has low power consumption.

【Product Usage】: Pulse oximeter can detect human blood oxygen saturation and pulse through fingers. This product is suitable for families, hospitals, oxygen bars, community medical care, and sports health care (can be used before and after exercise, not recommended for use during exercise).

       This product isn`t suitable for continuous patient monitoring.

  Carbon monoxide poisoning will be over-evaluated and isn`t recommended.

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