Oxygen Concentrator

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Oxygen Concentrator(图1)

             SL-3C 5L/10L Oxygen Concentrator


               Oil-free compressor, providing plenty of air. The service life is more than 15,000 hours, low power consumption and low noise. 

             2.Oxygen output 

                Equipped with two oxygen inhaling tubes.(2 meters and 6meters)

            3.Nebulizer(optional feature) 

              The atomized medicine should follow the doctor's advice. The flow rate of the oxygen should be adjusted to 1L/min when atomizing. 

            4.There are three filters 

               The primary one can filter the big impurity in the air, the second and third filter use special material which can filter the small particle in the air≥0.5um, the filter cotton could be replaced  easily, 

           5.Control functions

              US imported chip, ensuring a reliable performance. Functions: Display total using time, low voltage and clean filter prompt facility; Delay shutdown(in order to lower the temperature of the machine, the flow fan will still work for 2 minutes which could longer the service life). 

          6.Humidify bottle

             The humidified oxygen is more comfortable for the user.

          7.The Molecular Sieve

             The US imported UOP molecular sieve has longer service life and steadier oxygen concentration.


          Compressor shell:Qualified cold rolled sheet, thickness 1.22mm, sturdy construction,excellent heat elimination. 

          Radiator:Ribbed steel shell radiator with good heat elimination, slow temperature rising could work continuously. It has a longer service life and lower noise. 

          Low noise:lt is specially designed for a low working noise <47dB.

Oxygen Concentrator(图2)

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