Disposable Isolation Gown

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Disposable Isolation Gown(图1)

Disposable Isolation Gown(图2)

    【Product Name】Isolation Gown

    【Model and Specification】Model: Siamese type, split type

      Specifications: 160 (S size), 165 (M size), 170 (L size), 175 (XL size), 180 (XXL size), 185 (XXXL size)

    【Certification】: CE, FDA

    【Product Description (Structure and Composition)】

      This product uses non-woven fabric as the main raw material, which is made by cutting and sewing. Non-sterile provision, single use. 

    【Expected Usage】

      It is used for general isolation in outpatient clinics, wards, and inspection rooms of medical institutions. 

    【Precautions, warnings and reminders】

     Isolation gown is for one-time use only and cannot be used twice. Read the instruction manual carefully before use; check whether the packaging is intact before use, and confirm the packaging mark, production date, and use within the validity period; if the packaging is damaged, use is strictly prohibited . Try to avoid touching the outer surface of the gown before taking it off. After taking off the gown, the inner surface should face outward, and the outer surface and contaminants should be wrapped inside to prevent the contaminants from contacting the human body and the environment. After using this product, put it in a yellow garbage bag and treat it as medical device waste.

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